PEBB - SmartHealth wellness program

What is SmartHealth?

SmartHealth, Washington State's voluntary and confidential wellness program, focuses on your health and well-being. As you progress on your wellness journey, you can qualify for a wellness incentive in 2016.

New for 2015: If you participated last year, you'll see a big change in the wellness program. We've invested in a best-in-class website that makes healthy lifestyle activities fun, challenging, and social. SmartHealth's new website offers a fresh look and feel with easy-to-use, interactive tools and engaging activities. No more paper forms to fill out!

The new website tracks your progress for you, so you can easily see how you're doing and follow the leaderboards to find out how you stack up against your colleagues. You can even connect most activity trackers (Fitbit, Jawbone Up, MapMyRun, etc.) to the website so your data automatically uploads.

SmartHealth's website will help you take steps to improve your health and well-being, while having fun, staying engaged, and connecting with others. You will take part in fun activities focused on improving fitness, nutrition, financial health, and more.

Who is eligible for the wellness incentive?

These PEBB medical plan subscribers are eligible to qualify for the wellness incentive:

  • Employees.
  • Retiree subscribers not enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • COBRA and PEBB Extension of Coverage subscribers not enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • Leave Without Pay subscribers.

Note: Eligible subscribers’ spouses or registered domestic partners enrolled in a PEBB medical plan may also participate in SmartHealth, but will not qualify for the wellness incentive.

What is the wellness incentive?

Eligible subscribers can qualify for one of these wellness incentives in 2016:

  • A $125 reduction in the subscriber's 2016 PEBB medical deductible.
  • A one-time deposit of $125 into the subscriber's health savings account (if enrolled in a PEBB consumer-directed health plan in 2016).

How do I get started?

Follow these simple steps to qualify for the $125 wellness incentive:

  1. Go to and select Get started to walk through the activation process. (You can access SmartHealth from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.)
  2. Take the SmartHealth Well-being Assessment (required to earn the wellness incentive).

    Earn 800 points for completing the Well-being Assessment by June 30, 2015. Earn 100 bonus points if you complete it by March 31, 2015*. You do not earn SmartHealth points for completing your PEBB medical plan's health assessment.
    *Bonus points for early completion of the SmartHealth Well-being Assessment will not be awarded until approximately April 8, 2015.

  3. Join activities that interest you. After completing the Well-being Assessment, complete other activities on SmartHealth's website to earn more points. Reach 2,000 points by June 30, 2015 to qualify for the $125 wellness incentive.

Note: If you don’t have internet access, contact SmartHealth Customer Service toll-free at 1-855-750-8866 (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time) to complete the Well-being Assessment by phone. 

When will I receive the wellness incentive?

If you qualify, you will receive the $125 wellness incentive in 2016. To get the wellness incentive, eligible subscribers must meet the two criteria below both when completing the required activities in 2015, and when the wellness incentive is distributed in 2016:

  • You (the subscriber) are enrolled in a PEBB medical plan.
  • You are not enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B as your primary coverage.

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 Need more help?

For questions about SmartHealth's website, contact or call toll-free 1-855-750-8866 (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time).

SmartHealth Customer Service cannot answer questions about the 2014 SmartHealth program requirements or the 2015 wellness incentive. 

For questions about eligibility for the SmartHealth wellness program:

  • Employees contact your personnel, payroll, or benefits office.
  • All other members contact us.