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Set to launch January 2015. You’ll get more details soon about this personalized wellness program experience.

Earn $125 toward your 2015 health care expenses

The PEBB Program is offering a wellness program called SmartHealth. SmartHealth offers a $125 wellness incentive in 2015 to eligible subscribers who complete three requirements.

Note: Subscribers enrolled in PEBB dental coverage only are not eligible for the 2015 wellness incentive.

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What's the incentive?

​ Who's eligible to participate?
  • A $125 reduction in your 2015 medical deductible


  • A one-time deposit of $125 into your PEBB health savings account (if you're enrolled in a consumer-directed health plan with a health savings account).


​PEBB medical subscribers who are:

  • Active employees.
  • Retiree subscribers not enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • COBRA or PEBB Extension of Coverage subscribers not enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • Leave Without Pay subscribers.
To get the incentive, you must still be in one of these groups when the incentive is given out (January 2015).

Can I also earn a wellness incentive for 2016?

Yes, as long you meet the two criteria below both when you complete the required activities within the PEBB Program's timelines in 2015, and when the incentive is distributed in 2016.

  1. You (the subscriber) are enrolled in a PEBB medical plan.
  2. You are not enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B as your primary coverage.

Eligible subscribers and their spouses or registered domestic partners can earn points by participating in a wide range of activities through the new SmartHealth website; however, only eligible subscribers will qualify for a wellness incentive in 2016. The new interactive website starts January 2015. You will receive more information about this personalized wellness program experience in early 2015.

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