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Doctors and other professional providers

Most doctors will be either Primary Care or Specialty providers, and you should see providers affiliated with your UMP Plus network. Use the “Start my search” link to find one of these providers.

Other health care providers

Ancillary:  Most other providers are considered ancillary. You may see either a UMP Plus or a Regence network provider for these services and receive network-level services. Examples of ancillary providers include physical therapists, mental health providers, and hospice. Use the “Start my search” link to find one of these providers.

ALERT! If you receive non-emergency services from a network provider at a non-network or out-of-network facility, the plan pays charges by the facility at 50 percent, and out-of-network facilities may balance bill you; see a few exceptions to this.

Hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care

  • Hospitals:  For most inpatient hospital services, you should visit a hospital affiliated with your UMP Plus network. Find a UMP Plus hospital.
  • Emergency services:  In case of a medical emergency, any emergency room will be paid at the network rate (the plan pays 85 percent of the allowed amount for most covered services). However, for “out-of-network” emergency room providers (not contracted with Regence), the provider may balance bill you. Find a network emergency provider.
  • Urgent care: You receive network-level benefits for both UMP Plus and Regence network providers for urgent care services. However, out-of-network urgent care providers are paid at the out-of-network rate (you pay 50 percent of the plan allowed amount) and the provider may balance bill you. Find a network urgent care provider.

Covered provider types

Note: Because Regence is actively recruiting ABA Therapy Agencies and providers, please contact UMP Customer Service at 1-888-849-3681 to assist you with finding an ABA Therapy provider. They can also help you find providers who can diagnose autism or confirm an autism diagnosis. If a preferred provider is not available in your area, you may request that a case manager contact you to assist with the next steps in seeking coverage.

The plan pays for covered services only when performed by a covered provider type. All network and non-network providers are covered provider types.

If you see an out-of-network provider that is not a covered provider type, the plan will not pay for any of the services received; you will be responsible for all charges. As with all noncovered services, any payments you make to a noncovered provider type will not apply toward your medical deductible or medical out-of-pocket limit.

Provider specialty type code Provider specialty type name
ARNP Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
AUD Audiologist
CCCA Cert of Clinical Competence/Audiology
CGC Certified Genetics Counselor
CN Certified Nutritionist
CNFA Certified Nurse First Assist
CNM Certified Nurse Midwife
CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
CRNFA Certified Registered Nurse First Assist
DC Doctor of Chiropractic
DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery
DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine
DO Doctor of Osteopathy
DPM Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
EAMP East Asian Medicine Practitioner
LAC Licensed Acupuncturist
LCPC Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LICSW Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
LM Licensed Midwife
LMFT Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist
LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor
LMT Licensed Massage Therapist
LMSW Licensed Master Social Worker
MD Doctor of Medicine
MSW Masters in Social Work
ND Doctor of Naturopathy
NP Nurse Practitioner
OD Optometrist
OTR Registered Occupational Therapist
PA Physician Assistant
PAC Physician Assistant Certified
PHD Psychologist
PMHNP Psych. Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
PSYD Doctorate in Psychology
RD Registered Dietician
RNFA Registered Nurse First Assist
RNSA Registered Nurse Surgical Assistant
RPT Registered Physical Therapist
SLP Speech Language Pathologist