Annual deductible

Use your member ID card

Show your UMP member ID card each time you see a provider or fill a prescription. Pharmacies and providers need this information to charge you the right amount and bill your plan correctly.

Your UMP Plus deductible

Your UMP Plus medical deductible is $125 per person every calendar year (with a maximum of $375 for a family of three or more).

For most covered medical services, you pay toward the medical deductible before the plan begins to pay. Learn more, including how the medical deductible works for families, at UMP Plus: How does the medical deductible work?

You do not pay a deductible for prescription drugs, and prescription drug costs don’t count toward your medical deductible.

Services exempt from my deductible

You don’t have to pay your medical deductible before the plan begins to pay for the following:

Services that don’t count toward my deductible

The following out-of-pocket expenses do not count toward your deductible: