How UMP and Medicare work together

When UMP Classic pays first

If UMP Classic is your primary coverage (pays first) and Medicare is secondary (pays second), make sure that you tell Medicare about your UMP Classic coverage and that your provider agrees to bill Medicare as secondary to get the maximum benefit from both plans.

Medicare generally accepts claims only from providers, so you may not be able to send a claim to Medicare for secondary payment. The provider would need to bill Medicare after UMP Classic has processed the claim.

Alert! UMP does not bill Medicare or in any way coordinate benefits with Medicare when Medicare is the secondary payer.

See an example of how this works in your Certificate of Coverage.

When Medicare pays first

UMP Classic and Medicare are two separate health plans that work together to pay for covered services and supplies. Here's how coordination of benefits (COB) works:

  • Your providers bill Medicare. Medicare pays your claims first. After Medicare processes the claim, Medicare sends the claim to UMP Classic.
  • UMP Classic pays your claims second. For most covered services, UMP Classic pays the rest of the Medicare allowed amount and you owe nothing.

For the first services you receive each calendar year, you have to meet the UMP Classic medical deductible ($250 per person) before UMP Classic starts paying benefits. If you incur more covered services during the same calendar year, you may be reimbursed for at least some of your UMP Classic deductible. That reimbursement will come from the COB savings reserve. This is the part of the UMP Classic benefit saved because Medicare pays part of your claims. 

Note: Claims apply to the UMP Classic medical deductible in the order they are processed, not necessarily in the order services were received by the member.

See an example of how this works in your Certificate of Coverage.

If you meet the $250 UMP Classic deductible, you do not pay both the Medicare Part B and the UMP Classic deductible. The $147 Part B deductible is a part of the same total calendar year expenses processed by UMP Classic. See Paying the UMP Classic and Medicare deductibles for an example.

What UMP Classic covers that Medicare doesn't

Alert! Services listed below are covered based on whether the provider is preferred or out-of-network and the specific benefit. You will pay more if you use out-of-network providers for these services.

UMP Classic covers some services that Medicare doesn't cover at all. For these services, it doesn't matter if the provider accepts Medicare, because Medicare doesn't cover the service. You will receive the highest level of benefit if you choose a preferred provider.

For the services listed below, the secondary benefit paid by UMP Classic is the only benefit (plus any COB savings accrued earlier in the year). Out-of-network providers may balance bill you.

Services not covered by Medicare Part A or Part B include but are not limited to:

If you see a preferred provider, he or she will submit the claim for you. For out-of-network providers, check if the provider will submit the claim. If not, you will need to send a claim to UMP Classic.

What UMP Classic covers more than Medicare

Alert! Preferred providers do not necessarily accept Medicare—you should always ask.

UMP Classic covers some services after the Medicare benefit ends. These services include:

You may receive higher UMP Classic benefits if you see preferred providers for these services.


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