The UMP website is moving. This website contains 2019 UMP information for PEBB members only (through the end of 2019). If you are a PEBB member and/or you will be a new School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) member and you need 2020 UMP benefits information, visit our new UMP website.

SEBB open enrollment

Welcome to the School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) first annual open enrollment! Open enrollment for the SEBB Program is set for October 1 through November 15, 2019. Benefit coverage will begin January 1, 2020. SEBB Program members include eligible school district and charter school employees, and eligible represented ESD employees.

This page offers information for SEBB benefits-eligible members interested in Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) administered by Regence BlueShield and Washington State Rx Services (WSRxS).

Visit SEBB Program's open enrollment for all of the general information you need about SEBB open enrollment, such as the benefits fair schedule and how to enroll. When you're ready to enroll in a plan, visit MyAccount or stop by your payroll or benefits office and fill out an enrollment form.

Alert: This page includes 2020 information for open enrollment that you cannot find on the new UMP (SEBB) webpage. We apologize for the confusion.

Why choose UMP?

Your health is important to us. When you choose one of the UMP plans, you’ll get affordable medical and prescription drug coverage and dependable wellness plans that meet your needs.

Examples of programs UMP offers

  • The Diabetes Control Program and the Diabetes Prevention Program
  • SmartHealth​, a UMP wellness program that helps you reach your wellness goals, such as sleeping better, eating healthier, or planning for retirement
  • Programs and coaches to help you live tobacco-free
  • The BabyWise program, which offers additional support for expecting parents
  • The UMP Centers of Excellence Program, which covers single knee and single hip replacement surgery, and spine care evaluation and/or surgery for low to no cost for eligible members. To learn more, visit UMP Centers of Excellence Program. Note: This program is only available for UMP Achieve 1, UMP Achieve 2, and UMP High Deductible members.
  • UMP’s nurse line, provided by Advice24. Get 24/7 access to registered nurses who can provide immediate support for everyday health issues and questions that otherwise might lead to unnecessary doctor or emergency room visits. Note: UMP Plus–UW Medicine ACN members use a different nurse line.

To learn more, read Care Programs and Wellness Programs, or check out UMP's wellness flyer.

What plans does UMP offer?

UMP offers four health plans: UMP Achieve 1, UMP Achieve 2, UMP High Deductible, and UMP Plus. UMP Plus has two network options: Puget Sound High Value Network (PSHVN) and UW Medicine Accountable Care Network (ACN).

To quickly compare 2020 plan information:

Need detailed information about 2020 UMP plans?

The 2020 certificates of coverage are your best resource for benefit information. They describe what's covered and how much you’ll pay for different services.

How much do UMP Plans cost?

Read the UMP 2020 premiums flyer to compare 2020 UMP plan premiums for school employees.

For the complete list of all SEBB 2020 premiums, visit the Employee and retiree benefits section on HCA’s website for school employees, or SEBB Continuation Coverage.

To learn more about medical and prescription drug costs, and better understand terms like deductible, coinsurance, out-of-pocket limit, and copay, visit Understanding your coverage.

Are my providers in a UMP network?

You can save money by seeing providers that are in your plan’s provider network. The amount you pay for services (coinsurance) is often less and providers cannot bill you for charges that exceed the plan’s allowed amount (called balance billing).

Visit Find a doctor to see if your providers are in any of the UMP plans’ networks. 

Note: If you have a Regence account, you will not want to sign in to your account to find doctors available in UMP (SEBB). Your current Regence account will only show providers for your current plan. Instead, search for providers under the "For guests" part of the Find a doctor webpage.

What prescription drug benefits does UMP offer?

Visit Prescription drugs to learn about things like prescription drug coverage and cost, network pharmacies, and prescription drug policies. To compare prescription drug benefits between UMP plans, read a summary of your prescription drug benefit.  For more information call Washington State Rx Services at 1-888-361-1611 (TRS: 711). 

Looking for coordinated care at an affordable cost? Check out UMP Plus.

UMP Plus has two network options: ​PSHVN and UW Medicine ACN.

Accountable care networks like UMP Plus were created to promote high-quality care at a lower cost. UMP Plus providers agree to be accountable for delivering and evaluating the quality of your care. When you receive preventive care and coordinated treatment, the overall cost of that care is lower. These cost savings help keep your premium and deductible lower without limiting necessary care.

To find out if you are eligible to enroll, read Who is Eligible to Enroll in UMP Plus? 

Alert: UMP Plus–Puget Sound High Value Network does not have primary care network providers for adults in Thurston County at this time due to limited access. Pediatric primary care, as well as adult and pediatric specialty care, remains available in the Olympia area. This means that you and any adult dependents may need to travel to another county served by UMP Plus–Puget Sound High Value Network for primary care services from a network provider. Telehealth services through UMP Plus–Puget Sound High Value Network may also be an appropriate option for some primary care needs.

Want to know more?

The UMP Plus networks are hosting webinars to describe their plans and answer questions about services and benefits.

Can’t make the live webinar? The sessions will be recorded and available to view later:

  • UW Medicine ACN
    (Note: You will need to register for this webinar to watch the recorded presentation.)

Wondering about transitioning to UMP?

Read Important information about the UMP plans (SEBB) to learn about subjects like existing preauthorizations and what happens if you are covered by two health insurance plans.

Have more questions about UMP?

Attend one of the SEBB Program’s in-person benefits fairs. At a fair, you can pick up information and speak with representatives from UMP and the SEBB Program.

Explore the virtual benefits fair. Learn more about UMP plans through an online experience anytime, day or night, during the first annual open enrollment. You will find links to videos, downloadable content, provider searches, and other information to help you choose the right plan for you.

Read the UMP (SEBB) open enrollment FAQ.

Still have questions? Call UMP Customer Service at 1-800-628-3481 (TRS: 711) for questions about medical benefits, or Washington State Rx Services at 1-888-361-1611 (TRS: 711) for questions about prescription drugs.


UMP administered by Regence BlueShield (Medical only)
Phone: 1-800-628-3481
TRS: 711
Business hours: Monday through Friday 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Pacific)

UMP administered by Washington State Rx Services (Prescription drugs only)
Phone: 1-888-361-1611
TRS: 711
Business hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week