Plan: UMP Plus

UMP Plus has a lower deductible and monthly premiums than UMP Classic while offering most of the same benefits. The plan has no prescription drug deductible, and you pay nothing for primary care office visits with your core network primary care provider (or a naturopath form the support network). Other services received at the visit, like x-rays and labs, may be subject to the medical deductible and coinsurance. And all your UMP Plus network providers work together to give you the right care at the right time.

The UMP Plus network is a limited network compared to UMP Classic. To find out if your provider is in the UMP Plus network call UMP Customer Service at 1-888-849-3681 (TRS: 711).

The UMP website is moving. This website contains 2019 UMP information for PEBB members only (through the end of 2019). If you are a PEBB member and/or you will be a new School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) member and you need 2020 UMP benefits information, visit our new UMP website.

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