Plan: UMP Consumer-Directed Health Plan (UMP CDHP)

UMP Consumer-Directed Health Plan (UMP CDHP) covers all the same services as UMP Classic. You get preventive care at no cost to you when you see a preferred provider. UMP CDHP also covers the full cost of certain programs to quit smoking or manage diabetes.

However, UMP CDHP has a lower monthly premium and a higher deductible than UMP Classic. Members have one combined deductible for medical services and prescription drugs. You must meet your deductible before the plan begins paying for services (except for preventive care). Your out-of-pocket limit includes your deductible, prescription drug costs, and medical services.

A major feature of UMP CDHP is a Health Savings Account (HSA), which allows you to set aside money tax-free to pay for qualified medical expenses. You are automatically enrolled in an HSA when you enroll in UMP CDHP. Once the money is in your account, it’s yours. There is no deadline to use it.