SmartHealth winner shares wellness journey

Fri, 12/22/2017


 Jim cruises along with his son Caleb in San Diego, California.


You might already know SmartHealth can save you money through the $125 wellness incentive. You might have heard that you can earn a $25 gift card starting in 2018.

What you may not have heard is that SmartHealth has much more to offer.

For 2017, SmartHealth’s featured theme was What’s Your Why? Your why is your purpose, what is most important to you. The idea is to find your why so you can make a plan to achieve it. This is why SmartHealth matters and how it supports you on your journey toward living well.

Jim Ackley, the financial resources manager for Grant Transit Authority in Moses Lake, was one of six winners of the SmartHealth 2017 Grand Prize Vacation Getaway. All six won a $400 gift card through a random drawing. Jim already has plans for his prize.

“My wife Carolyn and I will use it next spring to see my youngest son, Caleb, graduate from college in San Diego. What a great way to celebrate our good health and good fortune!”

However, Jim started his own journey toward living well for reasons more valuable than money. 

“Five years ago, I had an incident where my blood pressure had spiked to dangerous levels and I began treatment for hypertension. I turned 55 that year and I began the tests that come with that age such as colonoscopy and cholesterol screening.”

Fortunately, he made time to check on his health.

“During the colonoscopy, I began choking due to a severe case of acid re-flux that I didn't know I was suffering from, which caused the procedure to last 3 hours instead of 45 minutes. Around the same time, I noticed I was dozing off, blacking out for short periods. This concerned me greatly as I didn't want to bring harm to others or myself. I took a leave of absence for three months to determine what was wrong and what I needed to do to make it right again. It was discovered I had obstructive sleep apnea.”

During this medical leave, Jim took a pro-active approach. He followed his doctors’ advice. He even met with a nutritional doctor who helped him overhaul his diet.

“I wholeheartedly embraced these changes and stuck to the plan. I lost 25 pounds and continue to exercise every day.”

Jim continues to use SmartHealth to support his journey. He can easily find new things to try, while also getting tips to add to what he is already doing. With activities for sleep, stress, exercise, and more, SmartHealth has something for everyone.

When asked why he continues his journey of living well, Jim’s answers revolved around a powerful purpose.

“Maintaining good health will allow me to continue to lead my family in the foreseeable future – five children and eight grandchildren with more to come. I also want to take advantage of those opportunities to volunteer for worthwhile projects positively helping my community. Thanks again to SmartHealth for encouraging me to seek and maintain a healthy lifestyle so I can bless my family and those around me!” 

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