SmartHealth member and Seahawks both win

Wed, 01/11/2017

SmartHealth member and Seahawk fan Tara Firch and husband beside playing field with American flag

When Tara Firch received a phone call from the Health Care Authority’s Public Employee Benefits (PEB) Division Director, Lou McDermott, stating she had won two tickets to the December 4, 2016, Seattle Seahawks game, she “didn’t believe Lou at first.” However, she was “excited and couldn’t wait for the game. It felt pretty good to win.”

Tara was automatically entered into the random drawing for two Seattle Seahawks tickets after registering for the SmartHealth program, completing her Well-being Assessment, and earning 2,000 points through SmartHealth activities by September 30, 2016. Tara uses SmartHealth to help keep her healthy. “Signing in and seeing My Plan helps me to stay on track to lose weight and be a better me.”

Before the game against the Carolina Panthers, Tara and her husband walked down to Pike Place Market, visited the Ye Ole Curiosity Shop, and enjoyed each other’s company.

This was Tara’s first Seahawks game. Her first experience was a good one, despite taking a wrong turn and ending up on a road called Hawks Alley. “We saw some of the funniest and rowdiest fans. Guys jumped on the hood of my car and yelled ‘Go Hawks!’ It was fun.” She enjoyed being a part of the 12s at the game.  “Everyone we ran into was nice, even the rival team’s fans.”

Despite losing Safety Earl Thomas to a broken leg early in the second quarter, the Seahawks defeated the Panthers 40-7. Tara described the energy at CenturyLink Field during the game as “Crazy! We wore earplugs and it was still loud.” She is sure she would be deaf without the earplugs; the 12s are known for being the loudest fans in the NFL.

Tara says the best part of the experience was “seeing the empty field before everyone was on it. It was huge and pretty.” She also enjoyed watching service members hold the American flag, which covered 30 yards of the field, as the National Anthem was sung. “It could be my military roots, but I teared up. It was beautiful.”

After her win, Tara is motivated to continue participating with SmartHealth. Winning the drawing was “a nice incentive to take care of yourself. Not only will you be getting healthier and being a better you, you could end up winning tickets to see your favorite team. It is like winning with a bonus.”

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