SEBB's April Intercom newsletter now available

Fri, 04/24/2020

The April 2020 edition of the School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) Program newsletter, Intercom, was mailed or emailed to school employees on April 24.

Read the full issue.

In this issue

  • New law: SEBB eligibility related to COVID-19
    School employees can maintain their eligibility during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Thinking of retiring? Here are some things you need to know
    The SEBB Program does not cover retirees, but the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program does. How to sign up or postpone coverage, how Medicare works with it, and more.
  • Are you protected if you can’t work?
    Dealing with a sudden illness or injury can leave you financially unprepared.
  • Changing jobs? Take SEBB with you
    If you're changing jobs to a different school district, charter schoo, or ESD, your SEBB benefits go with you.
  • New law protects you from surprise bills
    Ever get a medical bill you weren’t expecting? A new state law protects you in some situations.
  • What’s your why?
    Explore what’s most important to you through the voluntary wellness program, SmartHealth.
  • Your time to live tobacco free: Your SEBB benefits can help
    SEBB medical plans have resources to help you quit tobacco–teens, too.
  • Update your contact information
    Here’s how to update your mailing or email address.