SEB Board prepares for July vote on medical insurance premium resolutions

Fri, 06/14/2019

On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, the School Employees Benefits Board (SEB Board) met and reviewed information to prepare for upcoming votes in July.

  • On July 18, the board will view employee premium contribution resolutions and proposed service areas for medical plans.
  • On July 25, the board will vote on those resolutions.

The medical insurance employee premiums apply to SEBB Program plans, which will be offered to eligible employees of Washington’s school districts and charter schools, and represented employees of educational service districts, with coverage starting January 1, 2020.

Meeting recap

The following informational items were presented to the SEB Board. To get all of the materials presented at the June 12 SEB Board meeting, view the briefing book.

  • Dave Iseminger, director of HCA’s Employees and Retirees Benefits (ERB) Division, addressed follow-up Board questions from the May 16 meeting, including:
    • An overview of the exception process for the Uniform Medical Plan’s prescription drug value formulary.
    • Providing more information on cafeteria plan programs, including the differences between health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) and flexible spending arrangements (FSAs) including eligibility when enrolled in Medicare.
  • Megan Atkinson, HCA’s chief financial officer, presented information on:
    • SEBB Program medical rate development and negotiations;
    • How premium information will be presented at the board’s meetings in July, including viewing premium resolutions July 18 and voting on those resolutions July 25.
  • John Bowden, SEB section manager, provided an overview of various activities related to stakeholder engagement, employee communications, and SEBB My Account; timelines associated with these activities; and how the activities interact with one another. He also provided information about presentations to stakeholder groups such as WEA, WASBO, and charter schools that occurred in the prior six weeks, as well as some upcoming events.
  • Rochelle Andrake, ERB communication consultant, and Jesse Paulsboe, ERB Outreach and Training (O&T) manager, updated the Board on benefits administrator communications. That included:
    • SEBB communications:
      • Sent its final monthly toolkit on June 4;
      • Is mailing the first issue of Intercom, the SEBB Program newsletter, directly to school employees on June 17; and
      • Is using GovDelivery to send out information to benefits administrators about SEBB My Account, payroll processes, and training for each SEBB organization’s benefits administrators.
    • The role of each organization’s benefits administrator in regards to the SEBB Program, and the timeline for communicating with them;
    • A recap of the SEBB Program’s participation at the WASBO conference, May 8–10 in Spokane;
    • Information on the upcoming, two-day benefits administrator trainings hosted by ERB O&T in August and September, which will cover SEBB eligibility, enrollment and administration; and
    • Information on the 20 in-person benefits fairs and the online virtual benefits fair available during open enrollment and support tools available to employees and benefits administrators.
  • Chatrina Pitsch, SEBB My Account lead, updated the board on SEBB My Account’s development. The SEBB Program’s online enrollment system is nearing the end of its User Acceptance Testing phase, and has received good feedback from school districts. Pitsch also presented a video demonstration of the system.
  • Lauren Johnston, SEBB Program senior account manager; Leanna Olive, Uniform Medical Plan account manager; and Patty Conway, UMP program manager, updated the board on medical plan development. The presentation included:
    • The introduction of names for the SEBB Program’s fully insured medical plans;
    • A note that rates will be presented on July 18, along with final proposed service area maps;
    • Details on contractual obligations for SEBB Program medical plans;
    • An update on the implementation of SEBB Program plans; and
    • An update on the Uniform Medical Plan’s new clinical programs.

      Johnston also informed the Board that Providence recently withdrew from negotiations as a potential SEBB Program medical plan carrier.

HCA will post meeting minutes on the Meetings and materials webpage after they are approved by the Board. The SEB Board has meetings scheduled for July 18 and July 25.

SEBB Program development continues

For more information

You can find more information on the SEBB Program webpage.