SEB Board passes resolution offering standalone group vision insurance

Tue, 09/18/2018

On September 17, 2018, the School Employees Benefits Board (SEB Board) voted on a policy resolution to offer a group vision plan(s) separate from SEBB Program medical benefit plans.

The resolution will apply to eligible employees of school districts, educational service districts (ESDs), and charter schools who will receive their health insurance benefits through the SEBB Program starting January 1, 2020. 

Policy resolutions

The following policy resolution was approved by the SEB Board.

Policy Resolution SEBB 2018-35

The SEBB Program will offer a group vision plan(s) beginning January 1, 2020 that is separate from the medical plans.

Meeting recap

The following items were also presented to the SEB Board for informational purposes as part of the September 17 agenda.

  • Employees and Retirees Benefits (ERB) Division Director Dave Iseminger addressed follow-up Board questions from the August 30 meeting.
  • SEBB section contract manager Betsy Cottle and Cade Walker, executive special assistant to the ERB Division director, gave an informational presentation on long-term disability insurance.

The SEB Board also held a joint meeting with the Public Employees Benefits (PEB) Board to host a discussion on the K-12 retiree report to determine the most appropriate risk pool for retired and disabled school employees. The report, as mandated by RCW 41.05.022(4), will include:

  • The size of the Medicare and non-Medicare retiree enrollment pools;
  • The cost impacts for both state and school retirees for any proposed risk pool changes;
  • The need for, and amount of, an ongoing retiree subsidy allocation; and
  • The timing and approach for any risk pool changes.

Health Care Authority fiscal information and data analyst Kayla Hammer and SEBB finance manager Kim Wallace gave an update on the report during the joint board meeting. The report will be delivered to the Legislature by December 15, 2018, and the Legislature could then decide whether retired or disabled school employees will receive benefits through the SEBB or PEBB programs.

HCA will post meeting minutes on the Meetings and materials page. To get all of the materials presented at the September 17 SEB Board meeting, view the briefing book.

Next steps

On October 4, 2018, the SEB Board may vote on resolutions regarding:

  • Basic term life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance (SEBB 2018-30)
  • SEBB Program eligibility for mid-year hires anticipated to work 630 hours the next school year (SEBB 2018-32)
  • School employees’ eligibility based on hours worked the previous school year (SEBB 2018-36)
  • Offering a self-insured dental plan for plan year 2020 that has the same covered services and exclusions, provider networks, and clinical policies as the PEBB Program’s Uniform Dental Plan (SEBB 2018-37)
  • Offering the same Centers of Excellence (COE) Program as offered under the PEBB Program, starting in 2020.

For more information

You can find more information on the SEBB Program page.