Score tickets to the game in 2022 with SmartHealth!

Fri, 06/17/2022

You have a chance to win tickets* to see the Seattle Seahawks!

SmartHealth will hold a random drawing for eligible PEBB and SEBB subscribers who complete their well-being assessment by the deadline. Subscribers who have already completed the well-being assessment will automatically be entered into the drawing.

Game details

*Tickets were not purchased with state funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to win the tickets?

PEBB and SEBB subscribers who are eligible for the SmartHealth wellness incentive.

Note: Spouses or state-registered domestic partners who are on the subscriber’s PEBB or SEBB medical plan, employees who waive medical coverage, and retirees who defer coverage are not eligible for this drawing.

What are the deadlines?

To be eligible for the Seattle Seahawks ticket drawing, you must be an eligible PEBB or SEBB subscriber and complete your SmartHealth well-being assessment between January 5, 2022 and July 17, 2022.

Optional: Eligible subscribers can earn an additional drawing entry by participating in the Summer Wellness Challenge. Participation is not required. As long as you complete the well-being assessment by July 17, you will be entered into the drawing for the Seattle Seahawks tickets one time.

When is the Summer Wellness Challenge? 

June 20, 2022 through July 14, 2022. Complete at least one of the activities below in SmartHealth to earn a second entry into the drawing for Seattle Seahawks tickets. 

  • Check on Others – Offer support to those around you 

  • Fill Half Your Plate with Vegetables or Fruit 

  • Take “Me” Time – Seek out some joy for yourself 

  • Track 2,500 Daily Steps 

Do I have to access SmartHealth to participate in the Summer Wellness Challenge? 


Can I win twice?

No, once you accept tickets you will be removed from future drawings for this program year.

How will the winners’ names be selected?

Limeade (the SmartHealth contractor) will provide to the Health Care Authority a numbered list of all eligible subscribers who have completed the SmartHealth well-being assessment by the deadline.  A Washington Wellness program representative will use a random-number generator tool to select the winners.  

How will the winners be contacted?

A representative from the Washington Wellness program will contact each randomly selected subscriber by phone and by email on Thursday, July 21 and again on Friday, July 22. If Washington Wellness is unable to reach the subscriber, the staff member will leave a message with a deadline of when the subscriber must call back to claim the prize. Household members cannot claim the prize for the subscriber. 

If the subscriber returns the phone call within the deadline and can verify their identity, the Washington Wellness Program staff will provide information on how to claim the tickets. If the subscriber does not return the phone call within the deadline, another randomly selected eligible subscriber’s name will be chosen and contacted. Washington Wellness staff will repeat the notification process until a winning subscriber can be reached and verified. 

Is anyone’s name excluded from the drawings?

Yes. The following people (if eligible) will be excluded from the drawing:

  • Health Care Authority Executive Leadership Team members.
  • Anyone involved with the procurement, contracting, implementation, or operations of the SmartHealth wellness program.
  • Family members of Limeade employees who are eligible PEBB or SEBB subscribers.

What happens if I do not respond to the phone or email notification?

Tickets will be forfeited.

Can I exchange tickets for something else (i.e., monetary value)?

No, there will be no compensation for declined or forfeited tickets. Ticket winners are prohibited from selling tickets.

Is the ticket amount considered taxable income?

Yes, the value of the tickets is considered taxable income.

Will SmartHealth cover travel expenses to get to the game?

No. Transportation and personal expenses are not covered by SmartHealth.

Will the winner’s name be announced?

Once winning subscribers are reached and verified, the Health Care Authority will release limited information about them for promotional purposes.