School district monthly premiums

Monthly rates paid by schools for the full benefits package during the first eight months of the calendar year.

PEBB Program premiums may change twice during a plan year. The Health Care Authority sends an email notice to employers in the spring before the new premiums become effective September 1 and again in the fall before the new premiums become effective January 1 of the following year.

The premiums reflect the total that the PEBB Program will charge the employer. The employee’s premium (if any) is determined by the employer.

Full benefits package premiums

(Effective January 1, 2017 - August 31, 2017)

The table below shows the monthly premiums paid by schools for the full benefits package (medical/vision, dental, life, long-term disability) during the first eight months of calendar year 2017. Rates differ depending on the medical plan the employee chooses. The rates are the same regardless of the number of children enrolled.

If an employee waives medical coverage, the employer must still pay $888 each month to the PEBB Program, and the employee must enroll in dental, basic life, and basic long-term disability coverage.

Plan name Subscriber Subscriber and spouse* Subscriber and child(ren) Full family
Group Health Classic $1,035 $1,192 $1,145 $1,302
Group Health CDHP $913 $948 $932 $967
Group Health SoundChoice $934 $990 $969 $1,025
Group Health Value $957 $1,036 $1,009 $1,088
Kaiser Permanente Classic $1,019 $1,160 $1,117 $1,258
Kaiser Permanente CDHP $914 $950 $934 $970
Uniform Medical Plan Classic $982 $1,086 $1,053 $1,157
Uniform Medical Plan CDHP $913 $948 $932 $967
UMP Plus – PSHVN $954 $1,030 $1,004 $1,080
UMP Plus – UW Medicine ACN $954 $1,030 $1,004 $1,080

* or state-registered domestic partner

Note: In most cases, employees must live in a medical plan’s service area to join the plan. See plan service areas by county to see plan service areas.

Monthly billing

The PEBB Program bills employers on a monthly basis. You will get an invoice around the 25th of each month before the month of coverage. Payment in-full is due by the 20th of the month of coverage. For example, you will get an invoice around May 25 for June coverage. Payment in-full for June coverage is due by June 20.

Surcharges in addition to medical plan premiums

Employees may have to pay monthly surcharges in addition to the medical plan premium.