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PEBB PAY1 and accounting/HRMS/OFM reconciliation resource

General information and requirements

Updated 11/10/2020

Applicable to

  • State agencies using HRMS and the PAY1 system

Contacts and resources

Health Care Authority/PEBB

PAY1 and PEBB Health Insurance

The Outreach and Training Department within PEBB is your resource for assistance with employee benefit eligibility, enrollment and maintenance of employee's insurance records in PAY1.

PEBB provides the methods to determine eligibility for the employer contribution toward benefits for employees of state agencies. These methods facilitate decisions compliant with RCW and WAC, provide required notice and information to employees, confirm receipt of that notice and information, and provide guidance and suggestions for the employer and the employee. You will find Worksheets and other resources to walk you through the most common circumstances that you will work with on a daily basis.

Visit the Perspay website at www.hca.wa.gov/perspay/ to find:
HCA/PEB Accounting
HCA PEB Accounting is always available to provide assistance with billing questions and corrections in the PAY1 system. HCA can help resolve issues that are due to the PAY1 system, but will defer to DES to resolve HRMS issues.
  • Employee Reconciliation Report:
    HCA PEB Accounting can provide a print out of this report, called the A.23 report, if it is needed. This report can verify if an over payment was taken from an employee paycheck or if an amount is still outstanding and needs to be collected from an employee. This report will carry the balance forward each month until the issue is resolved.
  • Employer Reconciliation Report:
    HCA PEB Accounting can provide a print out of this report, if needed. This report will show the amount of the state share that HCA took from the agency's Account 035, General Ledger 5181 and the amount that HRMS said should be taken. Any discrepancies will need to be resolved. This report does not carry discrepancies forward to the next month.
  • Miscellaneous Deduction Report:
    This report will show what HCA has taken from your agency's Account 035, General Ledger 5181 for insurance premiums at the employee level for the 10th and 25th payrolls. This deduction is split by ER (employer share), EC (employee share) and the total amount. This is a helpful tool in determining possible discrepancies. For example, occasionally credit amounts coming back to an agency are not split up by the ER and EC amounts and the full credit comes back to the ER side only and is deposited into the agency's Account 035, General Ledger 5181. If this happens, the EC amount will need to be moved per your procedures.
  • Daily Adjustment/Eligibility Report:
    This is a very useful tool for tracking daily account activity for agency employees. You should review these reports daily to determine if the eligibility change(s) that were keyed into the PAY1 system were done correctly. This will also indicate potential PAY1 system limitations that can occur around end of the year Open Enrollment.
  • Termination of Coverage Guidance: PEBB's termination guidance Addendum 19-1A provides the date to use when ending coverage.

Contact Information:

FUZE: To get the fastest possible response from HCA, the FUZE system is the best way. However, you can always call 1-800-700-1555 or email HCA PEBB Accounts Receivable at PEBBAR@hca.wa.gov with any questions, as well.

Office of Financial Management

HRMS Benefits Resources

The following HRMS Benefits resources are available:

OFM contact information:

The Office of Financial Management is the point of contact for HRMS users. After-hours support is available by phone only for emergency outages.
Phone: 360-407-9100
Hours of operation: Monday through Friday
Time: 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Office of Financial Management

OFM Statewide Accounting Resources

OFM Statewide Accounting is here to help agencies with reconciliation issues that come up after eligibility determination, HCA's billing, and the payroll process come together to produce financial activity in the Payroll Revolving Account. We're here to help with reconciling your financial activity, which in turn ensures that your agency and your agency's employees are each paying the correct amount of money for employee benefits.

OFM provides the following resources:

  • Quarterly scheduled training on Health Insurance Reconciliation
    • This course reviews the flow of transactions and accounting entries resulting from the payroll process and the state health insurance program administered by the Health Care Authority.
    • This course does not cover eligibility rules.
    • This course is recommended for individuals responsible for reconciling the State Payroll Revolving Account (035) or health insurance billings and payments with the Health Care Authority.
    • See the OFM training for accounting and budget staff webpage for the latest schedules and other financial and systems training
  • Regular training and updates at Payroll Personnel Association meetings.
  • Online reconciliation resources including:
    • Step-by-step reconciliation instructions and reference materials, including the full range of documentation and reports available to help reconcile your health insurance account
    • Sample reconciliations, including sample documentation and reports
    • Reconciliation templates and employee "mid-period transfer" journal voucher templates
    • These and more are available at www.ofm.wa.gov/resources/payroll/reconciliation.asp
  • State payroll accounting policy updates as published in the State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM): www.ofm.wa.gov/policy/25.htm.

OFM contact information:

One-on-one guidance via phone or email: