WAC 388-79A-001 Definitions.

Revised June 1, 2018

The following definitions apply to this chapter:

  1. "Client" means a person who is eligible for and is receiving medicaid-funded long-term care.
  2. "Guardianship fees" or "fees" means necessary fees charged by a guardian for services rendered on behalf of a client.
  3. "Participate" or "participation" means the amount a client must pay each month toward the cost of long-term care services received each month. It is the amount remaining after the post-eligibility process under:
    1. WAC 182-513-1380 for a client residing in a medical institution, as defined under WAC 182-500-0050;
    2. WAC 182-515-1509 for a client receiving home and community services (HCS) waivered services in an alternate living facility (ALF), as defined under WAC 182-513-1100, or in an at-home setting; or
    3. WAC 182-515-1514 for a client receiving developmental disability administration (DDA) waivered services in an ALF, as defined under WAC 182-513-1100, or in an at-home setting.
  4. "Related costs" or "costs" means necessary costs paid by the guardian, including attorney fees.

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