WAC 182-526-0450 Witness.

Effective March 16, 2017

  1. The following persons may be witnesses in a hearing:
    1. The appellant or the health care authority (HCA) hearing representative; or
    2. Anyone the parties or the administrative law judge (ALJ) asks to be a witness.
  2. The ALJ decides who may testify as a witness.
  3. An expert witness may not be a former HCA employee, a former HCA authorized agent, or a former employee of the department in the proceeding against HCA or the department if that employee was actively involved in the HCA action while working for HCA or the department, unless the HCA hearing representative agrees.
  4. All witnesses:
    1. Must affirm or take an oath to testify truthfully during the hearing.
    2. May testify in person or by telephone.
    3. May request interpreters from the office of administrative hearings (OAH) at no cost to the party offering the witness.
    4. May be subpoenaed and ordered to appear according to WAC 182-526-0320.
  5. Cross-examining a witness.
    1. Each party has the right to cross-examine (question) each witness.
    2. If a party has a representative, only the representative, and not the party, may question the witness.
    3. The ALJ may also question witnesses.
  6. Witnesses may refuse to answer questions. However, if a witness refuses to answer a question, the ALJ may reject all of the related testimony of that witness.

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