WAC 182-509-0335 MAGI income -- Educational benefits.

Effective January 9, 2014.

For purposes of determining eligibility for modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)–based Washington apple health (WAH) (see WAC 182-509-0300), the agency or its designee does not count educational assistance as income. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  1. Educational assistance in the form of grants or loans issued under Title IV of the Higher Education Amendments (Title IV - HEA) or through a program administered by the Department of Education (DOE), such as:
    1. Pell grants (Title IV);
    2. Stafford loans (Title IV);
    3. Perkins loan program (Title IV);
    4. State need grant program (Title IV);
    5. Christa McAuliffe fellowship program (DOE);
    6. Jacob K. Javits fellowship program (DOE); and
    7. Library career training program (DOE).
  2. Payments received for education, training, or subsistence under any law administered by the department of Veteran's Affairs (VA).
  3. Student financial assistance provided under the Bureau of Indian Affairs education programs.
  4. Educational assistance in the form of grants or loans under the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act, P.L. 101-392.
  5. Work study income including:
    1. Federal or state work study income; and
    2. WorkFirst work study income.
  6. Payments to service academy cadets at a military academy.
  7. Payments for the purposes of tuition made on behalf of the individual to an educational organization for the education or training of such individual.

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