WAC 182-540-055 Kidney disease program (KDP) covered services

Effective January 1, 2014

  1. The kidney disease program (KDP) covers the cost of health care services essential to the treatment of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and its complications. Within available funding and at the discretion of the KDP contractor covered services include:
    1. Dialysis:
      1. Center dialysis - Covers the cost of dialysis, necessary supplies, and related services provided in a kidney center;
      2. Home dialysis - Covers the cost of providing dialysis and related services in the home; and
      3. Dialysis while hospitalized - Covers the cost of dialysis and related services while the KDP client is confined to an acute care facility and is unable to dialyze at his/her regular site.
    2. Medication - As defined in the approved drug list in the KDP manual;
    3. Access surgery (venous and peritoneal) - Covers costs associated with surgically preparing the client for dialysis and medical complications related to the access site;
    4. Laboratory tests and X-rays considered to be part of the overall treatment plan for ESRD;
    5. Pretransplant work-up including, but not limited to, transportation, lodging, and physician visits;
    6. Post-transplant visit to assess client's ESRD status to include, but is not limited to, transportation, lodging, and physician visits;
    7. Health insurance premium including copays and deductibles when found to be cost-effective;
    8. Spenddown expenses when found to be cost-effective; and
      1. Other services as approved by the agency's KDP program manager.
  2. If the KDP pays for medical and dental services required to receive a transplant, and the KDP client does not follow through with their recommended treatment plan in order to receive or make progress towards receiving a transplant, the KDP contractor must submit a request for a determination of noncompliance to the agency's KDP manager. If the request is approved, KDP funds must not be used for any follow-up or additional services. Once the KDP client makes progress with their treatment plan, the agency may rereview the request.

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