WAC 182-540-021 Kidney disease program (KDP)—Household size


  1. Household size is used to determine the appropriate income standard for KDP eligibility and also whose income must be counted or not counted.
  2. The following members of a person's household must be included when determining the household size:
    1. The applicant's spouse if living in the same home;
    2. Dependent children eighteen years of age and younger with no income who live in the same household and for whom the person is legally responsible;
    3. Children nineteen through twenty-one years of age who are attending full-time school or college; and
    4. Any other members of a person's household that the person claimed as a dependent on their most recent federal income tax return.
  3. Children eighteen years of age and younger who have income or separate resources which may make an applicant ineligible for KDP may be included or excluded from the household size determination, depending on what is most beneficial for the KDP applicant. If a child is included in the household size, then their income and/or resources are also counted.

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