HCA submits 2022 supplement budget requests

Thu, 09/16/2021

HCA has submitted its 2022 supplemental budget proposal to the Office of Financial Management (OFM). The proposal can be found on OFM's agency budget requests webpage.

"Our requests identify needed resources to strengthen our ability to deliver access to high-quality, affordable health care to nearly 2.7 million Washington residents," HCA Director Sue Birch said.

In addition to the routine annual requests for adjustments related to caseload and utilization, HCA seeks support in several areas, including:

  • Infrastructure technology packages. HCA strives to improve health information technology so providers have needed information and patients have access to better care. HCA is submitting four information technology packages that will help us meet this goal: Community information exchange, electronic health records, electronic consent management and clinical data repository.
  • Additional administrative support. HCA’s mission and programs have grown significantly over the last two biennia. Our central services team has not kept up with the growth of the rest of the agency. We are requesting additional resources to meet the administrative needs of the agency.
  • Medicaid Transformation Project extension: HCA is requesting approval to extend the current 1115 waiver.

The Governor's Office and OFM will consider agency requests when preparing the Governor's proposed supplemental budget.