HCA statement on health equity and social justice

Tue, 06/02/2020

At the Health Care Authority, we know black lives matter, and we are not immune to the pain and struggle we are seeing manifested around the country. We see the deep inequities that exist in the physical and behavioral health care system, and the circumstances in which individuals live, work and play that determine health outcomes.

We are reviewing our strategic approach to health equity. We strive to find meaningful and strategic ways to use our purchasing power to influence health outcomes, including making health care accessible and affordable to all who live in Washington. All of our work should be done through the lens of equity. This includes examining our hiring practices, our contracting practices, how we engage in outreach with communities on equity issues, and how we train our employees to understand and consider issues of health equity in their work.

This work can only be done with humility and in authentic partnership with the communities that have been marginalized and oppressed. We are in the early stages of our own journey and recognize this will take more time than the current moment. We remain committed to the long-term goal of health equity.