First SEBB Program newsletter mails to school employees

Mon, 06/17/2019

The first edition of the School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) Program newsletter, Intercom, was mailed out to school employees on Monday, June 17.

Read the full issue.

Intercom includes important information to help school employees prepare for the first annual open enrollment this fall, October 1 through November 15, for coverage starting January 1, 2020.

In this issue…

  • What school employees can expect as they move to the SEBB Program
  • Who is eligible for SEBB Program benefits
  • What benefits SEBB offers
  • The SEBB Program’s carriers and vendors
  • How to enroll yourself and your dependents in SEBB benefits
  • Ensuring a smooth transition to SEBB Program benefits
  • How the premium surcharges work
  • Online tools to prepare for the first annual open enrollment
  • The SEBB Program and Apple Health
  • Paying for SEBB Program benefits
  • Waiving medical coverage

Note: Providence is on the list of SEBB Program medical insurance carriers featured in Intercom, but has withdrawn from negotiations with the SEBB Program.