Ryder Andrake retires from HCA’s Infants at the Workplace Program

Monday, March 6, 2017

 Infants in the workplace

In January 2017, Ryder Andrake called it quits after four and a half months as the Public Employees Benefits (PEB) Division’s smallest employee. During his short tenure, Ryder displayed exceptional attendance, professionalism, and people skills. While he frequently slept on the job, his coworkers were willing to step in and help as needed. Even so, he quickly promoted from a milk-and-formula diet to sweet potatoes and peas. His leadership skills were unmatched. When he squealed loud enough, mom Rochelle and PEB staff responded quickly and were ready to jump into action.

“While the work was tremendously rewarding, it’s really the people here in PEB who made the difference,” Ryder said (or so we think he said). “I appreciated the warm welcome from coworkers, and having the opportunity to learn how to put as many things in my mouth as possible.” While the PEB Division sought a developmental job assignment that met Ryder’s skill set; unfortunately, none could be found. The PEB Division congratulated Ryder on his well-deserved retirement January 13. He will be missed by many. In another 17 and a half years, he’ll qualify to return to the PEB Division in retire-rehire status.