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Employment ending without retirement

If you do not meet Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) criteria for retirement or you choose to not retire when your employment ends, you may have the option to enroll in COBRA coverage as a "bridge" to PEBB retiree insurance coverage.

To use COBRA as a "bridge," you must enroll in COBRA and be eligible to retiree when your COBRA coverage ends.

  • If you are losing PEBB benefits, you must enroll in PEBB Continuation Coverage (COBRA)
  • If you are losing SEBB benefits, you must enroll in SEBB Continuation Coverage (COBRA)
  • If you are a nonrepresented employee leaving an education service district (ESD) that does not provide PEBB insurance coverage while you are working, enroll in COBRA through your ESD.

If you are not eligible to retire when your COBRA coverage ends, you are not eligible for PEBB retiree insurance coverage.

  • If you are eligible to retire when your COBRA coverage ends and you plan to apply for PEBB retiree insurance coverage, see COBRA
  • If you are a DRS Plan 3 member separating from employment and meet the age and years of service requirements for your plan, but are not retiring with DRS, see Separating employment.
  • If you are retiring or separating employment from a higher education retirement plan or are not participating in or retiring under a Washington State-sponsored retirement plan, see Higher education or not participating in a Washington State-sponsored retirement plan.


The PEBB Program

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