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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Find answers to commonly asked questions about employee benefits.

On April 2, 2020, the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEB Board) held a special telephonic meeting to approve policy resolutions that establish temporary eligibility for PEBB coverage for certain job classes hired during the Governor’s state of emergency due to COVID-19. Learn more about the approved emergency resolutions.

Eligibility and enrollment

How long do I have to enroll?

To enroll in PEBB benefits, your personnel, payroll, or benefits office must receive your enrollment form(s) no later than 31 days after the date you become eligible for PEBB benefits.

Generally, you become eligible your first day of employment. Ask your personnel, payroll, or benefits office when your eligibility begins. More enrollment information is available on How to enroll.

How do I enroll my dependents?

If you enroll dependents on your PEBB insurance coverage, you must provide proof of their eligibility within the enrollment timelines listed above or the dependents will not be enrolled. See Dependent verification.

What documentation do I need to submit to enroll a dependent?

For a complete list of valid dependent verification documents required to enroll a dependent, see Dependent verification.

What is an extended dependent?

An extended dependent may be your grandchild, niece, nephew, or other child for whom you, your spouse, or state-registered domestic partner have legal custody or guardianship. The legal responsibility is demonstrated by a valid court order and the child’s official residence with the custodian or guardian. This does not include foster children, unless you, your spouse, or your state-registered domestic partner has assumed a legal obligation for total or partial support in anticipation of adoption. For more information, see Definition of children.

Medical plan options

What medical plan options are available?

For a list of the medical plans and benefit comparisons available through the PEBB Program, visit Medical plans and benefits.

Dental plan options

What dental plan options are available?

For a list of the dental plans and benefit comparisons available through the PEBB Program, visit Dental plans and benefits.

What additional benefits are available to me?

  • Auto and home insurance
    Coverage to all PEBB members through Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)
    Allows you to set aside money from your paycheck on a pretax basis to help pay for qualifying child care or elder care expenses. (State agency and higher-education institution employees only).
  • Life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance
    The PEBB Program provides basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance through MetLife at no cost to employees enrolled in the full benefits package. Additional optional life and AD&D insurance is available for purchase.
  • Long-term disability (LTD) insurance
    The PEBB Program provides basic long-term disability insurance through The Standard Insurance Company at no cost to employees enrolled in the full benefits package. Additional optional LTD insurance is available for purchase.
  • Medical Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA)
    Allows you to set aside pretax money from your paycheck to pay for out-of-pocket health care costs. (State agency and higher-education institution employees only).

Requesting changes

How do I change my address?

Complete an Employee Enrollment/Change form and return it to your personnel, payroll, or benefits office. If you move out of your plan’s service area, you may need to change plans. You must report your new address to your personnel, payroll, or benefits office no later than 60 days after your move. University of Washington employees use Workday.

How do I waive medical coverage?

You may waive enrollment in PEBB medical if you are enrolled in other employer-based group medical, a TRICARE plan, or Medicare. A few other special open enrollment events allow you to waive enrollment in PEBB medical. You cannot waive enrollment in dental, basic life, or basic long-term disability insurance. You must submit a form to waive enrollment in PEBB medical. If you waive enrollment for yourself, you cannot enroll your eligible dependents in PEBB medical. See Waiving medical coverage.

Note: You cannot waive enrollment in PEBB medical and enroll in or remain enrolled in PEBB retiree insurance coverage.

How do I cancel (terminate) my coverage?

Employees cannot terminate medical, dental, basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), or basic long-term disability insurance. To terminate your optional life and AD&D insurance, optional long-term disability insurance, and your Medical FSA or DCAP, visit cancel coverage.

Life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance (MetLife)

How do I enroll in optional life insurance?

If you are enrolling within your initial 31 days of eligibility, complete the MetLife employee enrollment/change form and submit to MetLife.

If you are enrolling after your initial 31 days of eligibility, you may enroll by visiting MetLife’s MyBenefits online portal.

  1. Go to MetLife’s MyBenefits online portal.
  2. Under “Account Sign In,” type “PEBB Benefits – State of Washington.”
  3. On the next page, find the “First Time User?” box and select “Register Now.”
  4. On the “Register for MyBenefits” page, complete all the required fields. Step 4 asks you to agree to the Terms of Use. Check the box and then click the “Register” button.
  5. On the next page, choose “Enroll/Modify Life Insurance” on the top right list.
  6. The next page allows you to choose your coverage amounts for yourself, your spouse or state-registered domestic partner, and/or your child(ren). If you do not want optional life and/or AD&D insurance for yourself or a dependent, select “No coverage” in the drop-down menu for each dependent. Note: If you may be required to submit evidence of insurability.
  7. Name beneficiaries.
  8. Read the Fraud Warning and check the box. Name your state of birth, type in your account password, and click “Submit.”
  9. Once your submission is accepted, the page shows your costs per month for each product and another tab shows your beneficiaries. Print or save the confirmation as a .PDF for your records.

How do I check my life and AD&D insurance amounts?

You can find your current life and AD&D insurance amounts at MetLife’s MyBenefits online portal. You are the only one who has access to this password-protected portal. The PEBB Program’s My Account online portal and your employer no longer have information about your selected optional coverage amounts.

May I name a minor child as my beneficiary?

Yes. However, due to insurance laws MetLife cannot give insurance proceeds directly to the minor child because minors are considered incompetent by law.

If an adult has been appointed as the guardian of the minor’s property, MetLife will give the insurance money to the guardian. If the minor does not have a guardian, MetLife will put the money into an interest bearing account that cannot be accessed until the minor turns 18 or until such time that a guardian is appointed (whichever comes first).

A parent is not automatically considered the guardian of a minor’s property. Parents are “custodial guardians,” meaning they care for the minor. However, a court must appoint them guardians of the minor’s property before the parent(s) can receive any life insurance money intended for that minor. This extra step ensures the money is used to benefit the minor, like the insured person wanted. The parent(s) must provide a copy of a valid court document before the money is disbursed.

I’m divorced. How do I remove my ex-spouse from my coverage?

To remove your ex-spouse from your coverage, you must complete a cancellation form and mail it to MetLife. You can submit it to the address on the bottom of the form.

I named a beneficiary; what if that individual is no longer alive at the time of my death?

You have the opportunity to name a contingent beneficiary for your basic and optional life insurance. If you do not, or if no beneficiary you name is living, MetLife will determine the beneficiary based on the following guidelines:

  • Your spouse or state-registered domestic partner.
  • Your child(ren).
  • Your natural or adopted parent(s).
  • Your sibling(s).
  • Instead of making payment to any of the above, MetLife may pay your estate. Any payment made in good faith will discharge their liability to the extent of such payment. If a beneficiary or a payee is a minor or incompetent to receive payment, they will pay that person's guardian.

My Account

I can’t login to My Account.

For help accessing your PEBB My Account, visit Help with My Account.

Note: My Account is not available to University of Washington (UW) employees.  UW employees must use Workday to access their account.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from PEBB’s email subscription service?

Subscribe or unsubscribe from PEBB’s email subscription service by logging into My Account.  UW employees must use Workday. Sign up details can be found on the Contact the PEBB Program page.