Plan discounts

Did you know? As a government employee, you may be eligible for discounts from some businesses such as your wireless carrier or hotels. Before you make a purchase, ask if the business has a government employee discount.

Kaiser Permanente NW members

  • Fitness programs and discounts
    ChooseHealthy™ and Complementary Health Plans (CHP) Active and Healthy Program offer discounts to gyms and much more.
  • Breathe program
    Breathe supports you as you explore why it's hard to quit smoking, and offers tips and advice to help you give up the habit.
  • Health engagement
    Classes, health coaching, and wellness resources to help you lead a healthy life.
  • Healthy Living classes
    A variety of classes offered to help you improve or maintain your health.

Kaiser Permanente WA members

  • Fitness programs and discounts
    Take advantage of GlobalFit® (available to all adult members), Senior Zoo Walkers (for members age 55 and older), Silver & Fit, and EnhanceFitness (for Medicare Advantage members).
  • Quit for Life program
    If you smoke or use other forms of tobacco and are thinking about quitting the Quit for Life® Program is highly recommended. The program has been carefully developed and tested to provide the tools you need to be successful.
  • Health Plan Perks
    Take advantage of additional discounts and healthy extras included in your health plan to help you live better.

Premera Medicare Supplement Plan F members

Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) members

  • Advantage discounts
    UMP members can get special prices on health clubs, travel, merchandise, and more by purchasing an annual Complementary Health Plans (CHP) Active and Healthy Program membership.
  • Quit for Life program
    UMP members age 18 and older may participate in the Quit for Life tobacco cessation program. This program offers phone counseling no cost to you.