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Help for question 2

How much is/are the plan's deductible(s)?

Where to look

You will see:

  1. "What is the overall deductible?" and
  2. "Are there other deductibles for specific services?"

under "Important Questions" on the Summary of Benefits and Coverage.

Only look at the amounts for a single person (or individual) using a preferred (or in-network) provider.


Screenshot of example plan with arrows pointing to the deductible questions (rows 1 and 2) on the Important Questions/Answers table

How to answer

If you see

Answer like this:
Only one overall deductible (no separate deductible for prescription drugs)

Fill out A.

Skip B1 and B2.

Go to Question 3.

An overall deductible and a separate deductible for prescription drug coverage

Skip A.

Fill out B1 with the overall (or medical) deductible.

Fill out B2 with the prescription drug deductible.

Go to Question 3.