Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Find answers to frequently asked questions about COBRA/Continuation Coverage benefits.

What continuation coverage options are available?

The PEBB Program offers several options for eligible members to continue PEBB Program health plan coverage including:

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) coverage

A temporary extension of PEBB health plan coverage available to PEBB members defined as qualified beneficiaries under federal rules.

Continuation Coverage

A temporary extension of PEBB health plan coverage as an alternative for PEBB members who are not qualified beneficiaries under COBRA coverage and for those individuals in specific situations (includes Leave Without Pay) coverage. Monthly premiums are the same as for COBRA except no Medicare rates are available to those on Leave Without Pay coverage. See the PEBB Continuation Coverage Election notice.

PEBB retiree insurance coverage

A continuation of PEBB health plan coverage available to employees and survivors who meet retiree eligibility and enrollment requirements. See Retiree eligibility and enrollment.

Visit COBRA/continuation coverage eligibility and enrollment for more information.


Who is eligible for COBRA?

You, your spouse (or former spouse), and your dependent children who lost PEBB health plan coverage due to a qualifying event are qualified beneficiaries, and have an independent right to elect COBRA.

Visit how to determine eligibility for a list of qualifying events for COBRA coverage.

Who is eligible for Continuation Coverage?


An employee who lost their PEBB employer-based group health plan due to a specific qualifying event may elect Continuation Coverage (LWOP) for themselves and eligible dependents. Employees may continue medical, dental, life insurance and in some cases long-term disability insurance.

State-registered domestic partner

Your state-registered domestic partner (or former domestic partner) and their children who lost PEBB health plan coverage due to a qualifying event are entitled to independent election rights under Continuation Coverage. They may continue the same benefits available to COBRA members.

Visit how to determine eligibility for a list of qualifying events for Continuation Coverage.


How do I elect continuation coverage?

To choose PEBB COBRA/Continuation Coverage, send either the completed COBRA Election/Change (Continuation of Coverage) or the Continuation Coverage Election/Change (for Leave Without Pay) form.

Note: PEBB must receive the form no later than 60 days after the date your employer-sponsored coverage ends or from the postmark on the PEBB Continuation Coverage Election Notice packet sent to you, whichever is later.

Visit how to enroll for more enrollment information.

How long does continuation coverage last?

COBRA coverage and Continuation Coverage provide temporary health plan coverage. Maximum coverage periods can last anywhere from 12 to 36 months and are based on the qualifying event that caused you or your covered dependent to lose PEBB health coverage. A table listing the maximum coverage periods based on the qualifying events is available in the Initial Notice of COBRA and Continuation Coverage Rights.

When can continuation coverage be extended?

If you or your qualified beneficiaries are enrolled in COBRA coverage or Continuation Coverage for 18 months due to the employee’s termination of employment or reduction of hours, there are two ways in which this 18-month period of continuation coverage can be extended

What forms do I need to enroll?

To enroll in COBRA coverage, complete and return the COBRA Election/Change (Continuation of Coverage) form.

To enroll in Continuation Coverage (LWOP), complete and return the  Continuation Coverage Election/Change form (for Leave Without Pay).

Additional forms you may need are located on the forms and publications page.

Medical plan options

What medical plans are available to me?

For a list and benefit comparison of the medical plans available through the PEBB Program, visit Medical plans and benefits.

Address changes

How do I change my address?

Use the COBRA Election/Change (Continuation of Coverage) or the Continuation Coverage Election/Change (for Leave Without Pay) or call the PEBB Program at 1-800-200-1004.

Plan costs

Where can I find the premiums for COBRA/Continuation coverage?

How do I pay the COBRA/Continuation coverage premiums?

After we receive your first full payment, there are two payment options for future payments:

  • Automatic bank account withdrawals (EDS).
  • Monthly invoice paid by personal check or money order.

For information pertaining to paying for COBRA/Continuation Coverage, please visit Plan costs.

Life insurance for Continuation Coverage (LWOP) subscribers

May I name a minor child as my beneficiary?

Yes. However, due to insurance laws MetLife cannot give insurance proceeds directly to the minor child because minors are considered incompetent by law.

If an adult has been appointed as the guardian of the minor’s property, MetLife will give the insurance money to the guardian. If the minor does not have a guardian, MetLife will put the money into an interest bearing account that cannot be accessed until the minor turns 18 or until such time that a guardian is appointed (whichever comes first).

A parent is not automatically considered the guardian of a minor’s property. Parents are “custodial guardians,” meaning they care for the minor. However, a court must appoint them guardians of the minor’s property before the parent(s) can receive any life insurance money intended for that minor. This extra step ensures the money is used to benefit the minor, like the insured person wanted. The parent(s) must provide a copy of a valid court document before the money is disbursed.

I’m divorced. How do I remove my ex-spouse from my coverage?

To remove your ex-spouse from your coverage, you must complete a MetLife cancellation of optional life insurance form - employee and mail it to MetLife. You can submit it to the address on the bottom of the form.

I named a beneficiary—what if that individual is no longer alive at the time of my death?

You have the opportunity to name a contingent beneficiary for your basic and optional life insurance. If you do not, or if no beneficiary you name is living, MetLife will determine the beneficiary based on the following guidelines:

  • Your spouse or state-registered domestic partner.
  • Your child(ren).
  • Your natural or adopted parent(s).
  • Your sibling(s).
  • Instead of making payment to any of the above, MetLife may pay your estate. Any payment made in good faith will discharge their liability to the extent of such payment. If a beneficiary or a payee is a minor or incompetent to receive payment, they will pay that person's guardian.

How can I check my life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance amounts?

You can find your current life and AD&D insurance amounts at MetLife’s online portal. You are the only one who has access to this password-protected portal. The PEBB Program’s My Account online portal and your employer will no longer have information about your selected optional coverage amounts.

I am currently enrolled in Continuation Coverage (LWOP), but didn’t continue my employee supplemental life insurance while on continuation coverage. Will I have an opportunity to reenroll in optional life insurance (or increase my optional life insurance) through MetLife if I return to work?

Yes, you will have an opportunity to re-enroll in the employee optional life insurance through MetLife when you return to work and regain eligibility for the employer contribution. However, you will have to answer health questions and/or have a medical exam and be approved by MetLife to receive that coverage.

How can I cancel my life and/or accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance through MetLife?

To cancel your life and/or AD&D insurance through MetLife:

Complete MetLife cancellation of optional life insurance form - employee and send it to:
MetLife Recordkeeping Center
PO Box 14406
Lexington, KY 40512-4406