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Provider Alerts 2018

Emails relevant to rules, Medicaid provider guides, and policies

Date Provider Alert


 Upgrade of APR-DRG Grouper Version - April 2018
1/2/18 School-Based Health Care Services Billing Guide
1/4/18 Inpatient Hospital Services Billing Guide update
1/5/18 Prior Authorization Requests - Photographs and Radiographs (X-rays)
1/8/18 Updated fee schedules for durable medical equipment and other supplies
1/9/18 Fee-for-Service (FFS) Preferred Drug List (PDL)
1/18/18  Settle payments for GEMT claims submitted to MCOs
1/19/18 Payment problem resolved for new dental Codes D9222 and D9223
1/19/18 Apple Health Fee-for-Service - Medication Assisted Treatment
1/22/18 MSS/ICM Billing Guide - Revision to 1/1/18
1/23/18 Physician Related Services Billing Guide
1/23/18 Sterilization Supplemental Billing Guide
1/30/18 182-550-2600 Inpatient psychiatric services
182-531-1500 Sleep studies
182-535-10090 Dental-related services
1/31/18 Habilitate Services Billing Guide
1/31/18 Expedited Authorization (EA) List
2/28/18 Prescription Drug Program Billing Guide update
2/28/18 Physician-related services/Health Care Services Billing Guide
3/6/18 Upgrade of APR-DRG grouper version in ProviderOne
3/27/18 Quarterly Billing Guide update April 2018
4/2/18 Additional services to require a medical necessity review
4/5/18 Dental Reminder: replacement maxillary complete denture
4/5/18 Nonemergency ambulance transportation expedited prior authorization update
4/13/18 Physician-Related Services/Health Care Professional Services Billing Guide update
4/24/18 Outpatient Hospital Services Billing Guide
4/27/18 Hospice Services Gilling Guide update - Eff. 5/1/18
4/30/18 Physician-Related Services Billing Guide
6/4/18 Fee-for-Service Preferred Drug List
6/22/18 Quarterly Billing Guide updates July 2018
6/25/18 Orthodontic form and reminder on PA requests
6/28/18 Expedited Authorization (EA) List update
6/29/18 Fee-for-Service (FFS) Preferred Drug List (PDL) update
6/29/18 Ground Emergency Medical Transportation (GEMT) supplemental reimbursement deadline November 30, 2018
7/3/18 Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Program Billing Guide
8/24/18 Apple Health - Oncology (breast) genomic testing by Endopredict 
8/30/18  Apple Health - Updated Private Duty Nursing for Children Billing Guide
9/26/18 Billing Guide Quarterly updates and IMC Changes 
9/28/18 Apple Health - New requirements when billing for emergency contraception
10/2/18 Hospice 5-day notification requirements and completion of HCA 13-746 form
10/11/18 Mental Health Services Billing Guide
10/16/18 Physician-Related Services Billing guide updates
10/17/18 Nursing Facilities Billing Guide
10/25/18 Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT)
10/29/18 Apple Health Fee-for-Service (FFS) preferred drug list update
11/1/18 Ground Emergency Medical Transportation (GEMT) supplemental reimbursement deadline
11/14/18 Upcoming Changes to Home Health and Medical Equipment Prescriptions
12/10/18 Federal Consent for Sterilization form, HHS-687-Expiration
12/19/18 Fee-for-service Preferred Drug List Update
12/19/18 Contraceptive Medically Unlikely Edit (MUE)
12/21/18 Apple Health Billing Guide Updates
12/21/18 Orthodontic services billing guide
12/21/18 Oral Health Connections (OHC) pilot project
12/27/18 Hearing Aid coverage for adults
12/27/18 Contraceptive Medically Unlikely Edit (MUE)
12/28/18 Federal Consent for Sterilization form, HHS-698 Expiration