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Provider Alerts 2016

Emails relevant to rules, Medicaid provider guides, and policies

Date Provider Alert


Sterilization Consent Form


Family Planning - IUD Procedure Codes
1-15-16 Physician-Related Services
1-19-16 Expedited Authorization & Preferred Drug List updates eff. 1/16/16
1-29-16 No EPA for developmental & Autism screenings
1-29-16 Preferred Drug List eff. 3/1/16
2-1-16 Pharmacy: Billing Issue with Early Refill Codes
2-2-16 Respiratory Care Updates and Fee Schedule
2-2-16 Billing Issue with Early Refill Codes 
2-3-16 DME Provider Guide Update
2-8-16 Pharmacy - Billing Issue
2-9-16 Pharmacy - Methadone Dose Limit
2-10-16 New Enrollment Policy
2-11-16 Dental: Prior Authorization
2-16-16 Orthodontic: Prior Authorization
2-29-16 Retracting Prior Authorization for claims related to AEM
3-1-16 Managed Care Enrollment Policy
3-3-16 Earlier Enrollment Stakeholder Update - Webinar Invitation
3-3-16 Social Services Intake and Referral Form DSHS 10-570
3-7-16 Ground ambulance transportation coverage under Apple Health managed care
3-15-16 Managed Care Enrollment Policy
3-17-16 Lead toxicity screening required for all children enrolled in Medicaid
3-24-16 All Providers - BHO,  FIMC and AHCC eff.  4/1/16
3-28-16 Billing Guide Quarterly update April
4-1-16 Alien Medical Program Emergency Assistance eff. 4/1/16
4-7-16 Expedited Authorization List updates eff. 5/1/16
4-7-16 Washington Preferred Drug List eff. 5/1/16
4-8-16 ProviderOne outage planned for 4/9/16
4-20-16 AEM Clarification of Authorization for eligibility and prior auth.
4-29-16 Antipsychotic Medications for Foster Care & Adoption Support Clients
5-5-16 Notice of Application Fee
5-6-16 Post-Eligibility Reviews for Pregnant Clients
5-6-16 Antipsychotic Medications for Foster Care and Adoption Support Clients
5-10-16 School-Based Health Care Services - eff. 5/15/16
5-12-16 Preferred Drug List update - eff. 6/1/16
5-20-16 Preferred Drug List update - eff. 7/1/16
5-25-16 Preferred Drug List Correction notice
6-15-16 Antipsychotic Medications for Foster Care and Adoption Support Clients
6-15-16 Requirements for Ambulance Provider Claim submissions
6-15-16 Updated Denture or Partial Agreement HCA form 
6-17-16 Health Technology Assessment - Public hearing comment period extended
6-27-16 Quarterly Billing Guide update July
6-29-16 Required Sterilization Consent Form
6-29-16 Foster Care Antipsychotic Review cancellation notice
7-18-16 New HCA Website
7-18-16 Expedited prior authorization for transgender surgical consultations
7-29-16 Popular links for the new HCA website
8-4-16 Preferred Drug List eff. 9/1/16
8-4-16 Expedited Authorization List eff. 9/1/16
8-24-16 Hospice Routing Home Care and Service Intensity Add-on Payments
9-8-16 Expedited Authorization List update eff. 9/9/16
9-23-16 Pharmacy Providers - Multiple fills - change in billing
9-27-16 Quarterly Billing Guides October
9-29-16 Fee-for-service Preferred Drug List  eff. 9/30/16
10-6-16 Fee-for-service Preferred Drug List eff. 11/1/16
10-6-16 Expedited Authorization List update eff. 11/1/16
10-17-16 Sterilization Supplemental and Family Planning Billing Guide
10-27-16 Hospital Outpatient Services
10-28-16 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
11-15-16 Sterilization procedure claims do not need diagnosis codes Z98.51 or Z98.52
11-16-16 Managed Care enrollment changes
11-23-16 Dental Related Services
12-5-16 Sterilization Billing Guide
12-7-16 Submitting Claim Reversal change
12-8-16 Fee-for-Service Preferred Drug List eff. 1/1/17
12-8-16 Expedited Authorization list
12-15-16 Managed care enrollment
12-15-16 EAPG Grouper version
12-21-16 Quarterly Billing Guide updates January 2018