Family planning

Find information on the Health Care Authority's (HCA) Family Planning Only programs.

Notice: Beginning January 1, 2020 the Health Care Authority (HCA) expanded Family Planning Only programs for all Washington State residents who apply for services, regardless of immigration status. The Washington State Legislature authorized this change to expand eligibility to all its residents to qualify for these services. Clients may apply now, but the expanded population is not eligible for the benefit until January 1, 2020.

What are the changes?


Family Planning Only – Pregnancy Related serves recently pregnant clients who lose Apple Health coverage after their 60-day post pregnancy ends.

Family Planning Only serves uninsured individuals seeking to prevent unintended pregnancy, and teens and domestic violence victims requesting confidential family planning services.

Provider network and enrollment

Clients using either of the Family Planning Only programs can seek family planning services through any Apple Health provider.

Enrollment for Family Planning Only – Pregnancy Related remains automatic. Clients interested in Family Planning Only services can apply for benefits over the phone or in-person with an eligible Apple Health provider. Clients can also apply by fax, email, or mail without provider assistance. In that case, clients should make sure they transmit or mail the application securely.

Is there provider training for my practice?

Yes. HCA held a webinar training for providers, patient navigators, billing staff, or anyone who works with the family planning programs.

Please see the webinar recording and slide deck from the Family Planning Provider webinar:




Are there quick reference materials for my practice?

Yes. Download and print our eligibility fact sheet, along with an updated Family Planning Billing Guide.

The Family Planning Only Apple Health Client brochure is also available (in multiple languages).

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will the changes in the Family Planning Only programs cause any changes to the RAC codes or the ACES program codes assigned to these programs?

  • The changes to the Family Planning Only programs will not cause any changes to RAC codes or any changes to the ACE program codes.

What is a qualified immigrant?

  • Qualified immigrants are those who are lawfully permitted to remain in the U.S. and qualify for Apple Health.

What will the abbreviations look like in ProviderOne (P1) for Family Planning Only – Pregnancy Related and Family Planning Only?

  • The abbreviations in P1 will remain the same at this time.

Must a person be documented to apply for this program or can undocumented people apply?

  • There are two Family Planning Only programs. The eligibility requirements are not changing July 1, 2019. Changes are detailed in the eligibility fact sheet.

Waiver authority for the program

On May 9, 2018 the Health Care Authority (the Agency) received approval for renewal of the Section 1115 Family Planning Only Demonstration Waiver for five years (through June 2023). The approval letter, Special Terms and Conditions, and Expenditure Authority can be found on CMS’s website under Washington Family Planning Only Program and then clicking on “Demonstration Approval.”

The Health Care Authority intends to submit an application to extend the Section 1115 Family Planning Only Demonstration Waiver for five years (through July 2028). The current waiver expires on June 30, 2023 and covers limited family planning and family planning-related services for people who are in need of contraceptive care and are enrolled in the Family Planning Only programs. The purpose, client eligibility requirements, and benefit package will remain the same. The only potential change is the elimination of the Family Planning pregnancy-related program, due to the implementation of the After-Pregnancy Coverage program. This change will take effect when the end of the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) is declared. There is currently no established end date for the PHE.