Are you paying the lowest price for your prescription drugs?

Fri, 03/15/2019

Find out by using UMP’s Prescription Price Check tool. You can search by prescription drug name and dosage to find the estimated cost of your medication.

To customize your experience, the tool allows you to:

  • Select the amount of medication you need for a set time period.
  • Pick one or more pharmacies and comparison shop. The tool indicates if the pharmacies are preferred or non-network, which can change the cost – preferred pharmacies will cost you less.

The Prescription Price Check tool also:

  • Lets you know if a generic of your drug is available – generics are usually less expensive than brand-name drugs.
  • Shows the drug’s status (preferred, not preferred, or not covered – which can change cost).
  • Lets you view commonly dispensed similar drugs, in case you are looking to make a change.

To get search results specific to your account and plan, log in to your pharmacy account and then use the Prescription Price Check tool.