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The SmartHealth Well-being Assessment (WBA) report breaks down the WBA results for your organization.

Why promote SmartHealth Well-being Assessment completions? 

Promoting SmartHealth Well-being Assessment (WBA) completions helps your organization by offering insights specific to the needs of your employees. Your SmartHealth WBA report improves when more of your employees complete the WBA.

Your wellness program can use this report to:

  • Learn more about your employees.
  • Assess your employees’ risk factors.
  • Build and grow your wellness program.

What is a Well-being Assessment?

Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program eligible members can take the SmartHealth WBA every year as a guide to assess and improve their personal health. It is similar to a health assessment, but offers more insight by looking at other key life areas. Completing the WBA is one of the steps eligible subscribers must complete to qualify for a SmartHealth financial incentive.

Who gets a SmartHealth WBA report?

Each year, SmartHealth qualifying organizations will get an annual SmartHealth WBA report for the previous year. Qualifying organizations are those with 50 PEBB eligible employees or more who have at least 50% of organization specific metrics included in their report. We will only send reports that contain less than 50% of these metrics when requested. For more details or help, contact wawellness@hca.wa.gov.


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