Value-based purchasing

What is value-based purchasing (VBP)?

Value-based payment is a reimbursement method for health care services aimed at rewarding value (quality of health care), not volume (fee-for-service). 

The traditional health care reimbursement path contributes to unnecessary spending and fragmented care.

The state is using its purchasing power to lead by example and accelerate the adoption of value-based reimbursement and alternative payment strategies. HCA is working with other private and public health care purchasers to further spread the paying for value strategy and accelerate market transformation.

Implementing a new model

In 2016 HCA offered three new medical plan options for enrollees in HCA’s Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program. This model tests an accountable care plan (ACP) approach. Under this shared risk model, the ACPs assume financial and clinical responsibility for a defined population of public employees.

Employers are free to review the following contracting documents to support their own adoption of accountable care and value-based purchasing.

Purchaser’s Toolkit

ACP contract materials

ACP contract attachments and exhibits

Approved contracts


Name: Rachel Quinn
Title: Special Assistant for Health Policy and Programs

Name: J.D. Fischer
Title: Healthier Washington Medical Program Specialist