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Find more about Uniform Medical Plan (UMP)

Benefits books (COCs) and summaries (SBCs)

  • Certificates of Coverage (COCs), also known as benefits books, give detailed information about benefits and what's covered. Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) make it easier to compare plans.

UMP forms

  • Claims forms for medical services, prescription drugs, and vision hardware.
  • Forms to tell the plan you have other health coverage.
  • Payroll deduction form for your Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • Release of information.

Find providers for UMP Classic and CDHP

Find providers for UMP Plus

Find prescription drug prices

  • Estimate your cost for a prescription drug.
  • Search the UMP Preferred list for your plan.

Accounts login

  • Member accounts: regence.com for medical services; your pharmacy account with Washington State Rx Services; and, for members with UMP CDHP Health Savings Account, HealthEquity login.


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