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Medicaid State Plan Amendment 21-0003

Section 13d: Rehabilitation Services of the Medicaid State Plan

HCA intends to submit SPA 21-0003 to update the language of Section 13d: Rehabilitation Services of the Medicaid State Plan. The SPA will:

  • Reformat the section to be more representative of the current behavioral health system (as opposed to the current structure, which separates Substance Use Disorder Services and Mental Health Services);
  • Reduce redundancies in the language; and
  • Update agency and licensing names.

No significant changes will be made to the current services available, who can provide the services, or any limitations associated with the services. However, if approved by the legislature, this SPA will add a new provision that would allow Medicaid funds to be used on problem gambling treatment services, which are currently paid for with state funds.

This SPA is the first phase in a longer-term plan. The reformatting and updates will create a better formatting structure for future system and service improvements, including efforts to remove barriers and deliver more integrated care.

HCA would appreciate any input or concerns that representatives of tribes or Indian health care providers wish to share regarding this SPA.

  • To request a copy of the draft SPA or return any comments, please contact Jessica Diaz, Managed Care Programs Section Manager, via email at jessica.diaz@hca.wa.gov, with a courtesy copy to Ann Myers, State Plan Coordinator, at ann.myers@hca.wa.gov.
  • To request Tribal Consultation, please contact Jessie Dean, Tribal Affairs Administrator, via email at jessie.dean@hca.wa.gov.

Please submit all comments or requests by September 20, 2021.

Copy of SPA 21-0003

For review by Tribes and other Indian health providers: