Trauma-informed approach: Changing our culture through training and understanding

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Imagine a world where we interact with every life we meet as if we knew their story of hardship and trial – and engaged with them from that knowledge.

Trauma happens to everyone. We know that traumatic experiences can affect how we relate to other people, how we keep ourselves safe, and how we care for ourselves for many years after the trauma happens.

Most people do not outwardly share their personal trauma story. Community agencies and organizations can help meet the needs of the people who seek their services by assuming that anyone who walks in the door may have experienced trauma. This awareness is at the heart of a trauma-informed approach.

An agency that adopts a trauma-informed approach must share the idea that trauma affects everyone differently. A trauma-informed agency trains all employees to address consumers from a place of understanding rather than a place of judgment.

HCA will hold trauma-informed approach trainings around the state from July through September. Trainings are organized and facilitated by En Route Coaching and Training Services, LLC.

To give the most agencies an opportunity to participate, we would like to partner with organizations to host trauma-informed trainings. Training host locations have space to hold 20 or more participants.

 What kind of organizations should host

  • Behavioral health agencies (defined for this project as: those involved in prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery supports for substance use, as well as the types of mental health services provided in community mental health centers)
  • Other community organizations associated with behavioral health in partnership with a behavioral health agency

Through trauma-informed trainings we can shift the culture and engage with one another through a greater understanding.

How to get involved

To learn how to become a host, visit our How to participate page.