School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) Program FAQs

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Staff at the Health Care Authority (HCA) are honored to be building the School Employee Benefit Board (SEBB) Program for school employees across the state. We want to answer your questions and supply you with as much information as possible. However, it is still early in the process, and many questions cannot be answered at this time. As the Board makes decisions and work progresses, we will update answers, add new questions, and provide more information. Please check back for updates from time to time.

The basic long-term disability (LTD) benefit is based on a percentage of your paycheck, and the maximum amount provided by this benefit is $400 per month.

Yes, SEBB My Account is being developed and tested to follow the Americans with Disabilities Rehabilitation Act (ADA) Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. This includes making the system friendly for screen readers to read textual information.

Yes, but it will happen at the state level. The state estimates how many employees will waive coverage. Factoring in the expectation that some employees will waive medical coverage allows us to offer consistent, affordable employee monthly premiums throughout the year.

Spouses and state-registered domestic partners, children up to age 26, children with disabilities, and extended dependents are eligible. Learn more about dependents.

SEBB My Account, the online enrollment system, will only be available in English for now. However, non-English speakers will still be able to enroll in SEBB using paper forms. Print publications and enrollment forms will be available in additional languages upon request. Additional supported languages include: Amharic, Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, Laotian, Oromo, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Tigrigna, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. For more information visit the language access page.

The SEBB Program was unable to offer a short-term disability benefit better than the new Paid Family Medical Leave Act (PFMLA), effective in 2020.

By law, the SEB Board establishes eligibility criteria for dependents, including legal spouses and state-registered domestic partners. To inform their decision, the SEB Board reviewed the specific reference to state-registered domestic partners in RCW 41.05.740(6)(d)(iii).

Employees are required to provide evidence of a dependent’s eligibility within the SEBB Program’s timeframe. School personnel staff will verify dependents’ eligibility for coverage. HCA staff will work with school personnel staff.

On our Health plans with a health savings account webpage you will find information about the HSA, which is paired with the SEBB Program’s high-deductible health plan. The monthly HSA employer contribution amounts are posted there.