The Health Care Authority (HCA) collaborates with many partners and stakeholders to work toward our value-based purchasing (VBP) goals. Through better alignment and closer partnerships, we can support the scale and spread of VBP to other parts of the health care system.

Managed care organizations (MCOs) and Public Employee Benefits Board and School Employees Benefits Board contractors

HCA has implemented value-based contracting with the five Apple Health (Medicaid) MCOs. We rely on our health plan contractors to contract with providers through alternative payment models (APMs) and expand VBP adoption across their provider networks.

Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs)

ACHs are a key partner in promoting VBP expansion and investments through community engagement. They allocate Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment program funds to support and reward VBP adoption.

Health care providers

HCA supports providers in advancing VBP across the state as they deliver high-value care, enter in APMs with health plans, and engage patients. Currently, HCA is collaborating with providers to design the Multi-payer Primary Care Transformation Model and create better health and better care for patients.

Health equity collaboration with Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW)

In 2019, HCA partnered with CHPW and its parent organization, Community Health Network of Washington (CHNW)—a network of 20 federally qualified health centers—to develop new models that advance health equity. HCA, CHPW, and CHNW are designing and incorporating new interventions that reduce health disparities, acting as a model for other Washington Medicaid providers and payers.

Technical support through Innovation Accelerator Program (IAP)

Washington receives technical support from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services through its IAP to invest in substance use disorder, improving care for complex-needs patients, long-term services and support, and physical and mental health integration. Washington has been a participant in IAP since 2014.

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Hana Hartman
Senior health policy analyst