How to participate

Members of the public are welcome to attend a Public Employees Benefits Board meeting and provide comment.

Attend a board meeting

As a public entity appointed by the Governor, the Public Employees Benefits Board actively seeks input from the public at large, and particularly from the more than 350,000 Washington residents for whom we determine benefits and program eligibility.

Provide public comment

The Board encourages input from PEBB Program members and the general public. Public comment can be in writing or at a meeting. The Board sets aside time during its regular meetings to receive public input, usually at the end of the agenda. At all times, and in all means of communication, the Board is committed to maintaining open and respectful interaction with the public and with PEBB Program members.

At the direction of the Chair, public comment at board meetings may also occur together with a public hearing or during the Board’s consideration of a specific agenda item. The Chair has authority to limit the time for public comment, including the time allowed to each speaker, depending on the time available and the number of persons wishing to speak.

Need an accommodation?

All meetings sponsored by the Health Care Authority meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.


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