Nevada joins Washington and Oregon in offering the ArrayRx Prescription Discount Card
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OLYMPIA – On September 22, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed up for his digital prescription discount card to commemorate the state joining the ArrayRx pharmacy discount program. Nevada joins Washington and Oregon in offering the ArrayRx card, a state-backed program that can save individuals up to 80 percent for generic drugs and 20 percent for brand name drugs.

The ArrayRx Card (formerly known as the Washington Prescription Drug Program) has helped people in Oregon and Washington save money on needed prescription drugs for nearly two decades.

How the ArrayRx card works

There is a simple enrollment process, no associated cost, and no age or income restrictions. For those who have insurance, they can choose to use the ArrayRx Card or their pharmacy benefit at the point of sale, whichever provides a better price. All U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs prescribed by a licensed provider are eligible for a discount. Mail-order and specialty drugs are also available. 

“ArrayRx offers pharmacy benefit management services for local government, private sector businesses, labor organizations, and individuals,” said Donna Sullivan, chief pharmacy officer for the Washington State Health Care Authority. “Between 2003 and 2022, 1.2 million participants in Oregon and Washington benefitted from the ArrayRx services. We welcome the residents of Nevada to receive the same prescription drug discounts through the ArrayRx Card.”

“Since 2003, Oregonians have been able to access our state sponsored pharmacy discount card, and today we welcome Nevadans to the ArrayRx family,” said Dr. Trevor Douglass, Pharmacy Purchasing Director at Oregon Health Authority (OHA).  “Oregon and Washington have a rich history of collaborating on the pharmacy purchasing front.” By Nevada implementing the ArrayRx Card program, the same savings will be available to Nevadans, expanding the ArrayRx pooled purchasing potential.

“The ArrayRx card was supportive to many Oregonians during the historic wildfires which broke out during Labor Day weekend 2020.  Evacuees were able to contact ArrayRx and quickly get discounted medications to replace those they had to leave behind when fleeing the fires. Receiving their needed medications helped provide some stability in an otherwise stressful and difficult situation,” said Heidi Murphy, Pharmacy Purchasing Program and ArrayRx Operations Manager at OHA.

Learn more about the ArrayRX Discount Card. Information is also available at ArrayRx. View a Spanish language version of the ArrayRx site.