New law allows retirees, disabled employees of former employer groups to enroll in PEBB coverage

A new law took effect May 4, 2023. It affects retired or disabled employees from former PEBB employer groups who lost eligibility because their employer group no longer contracts with HCA. These retired and disabled employees can enroll in PEBB health plan coverage by paying the monthly premiums. HCA will contact former employer groups to identify their retirees and disabled employees who may be eligible. Learn more about who is eligible for this coverage.

What does this law do?

This law allows retired or disabled employees of:

  • An employer group that ended their participation in PEBB insurance coverage on or before January 1, 2023, to enroll in PEBB medical and dental coverage by December 31, 2023. Learn how to enroll.
  • PEBB or SEBB contracted employer groups who are enrolled in retiree insurance coverage to continue their coverage if their employer groups end their contract with HCA.

This law also requires new PEBB or SEBB employer groups who contract with HCA after May 4, 2023, and subsequently end their participation to make a one-time payment upon termination for their non-Medicare retirees and disabled employees who choose to continue their enrollment.

What’s not allowed under this coverage?

Those who enroll in this coverage cannot:

  • Defer (postpone) PEBB coverage for other employer-sponsored coverage and enroll in PEBB coverage later.
  • Enroll in PEBB retiree term life insurance.
  • Receive a state-funded contribution toward their monthly premium in Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • Pay for their monthly premiums or premium surcharges by pension deduction.

How do I enroll?

Submit the PEBB Continuation Coverage (COBRA) Enrollment/Change form.

Visit the How do I enroll? webpage for more information. 

How much does coverage cost?

See premiums for Medicare and non-Medicare plans. 


Contact PEBB Customer Service through HCA Support or call 1-800-200-1004 (TRS 711).