Multifactor authentication coming to SEBB My Account

To enhance security of member account information, the School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) Program is adding multifactor authentication (MFA) to its online enrollment system, SEBB My Account. MFA is used to increase account security by requesting additional user information before granting account access.  

Next time users log in to SEBB My Account (or when setting up a new account), they’ll be prompted to complete the steps to set up MFA. Users must add MFA to access SEBB My Account to view their current coverages or make enrollment changes online.  Learn more about SEBB My Account and view the steps to log in

Set up MFA and earn SmartHealth points 

Starting June 3, eligible school employees can log in to SmartHealth, and complete the "Add more security your SEBB My Account" activity to earn 100 points towards their wellness incentive. Learn more about SmartHealth