How to participate

Are you interested in trauma-informed approach, but not sure what to do? Learn how you can participate and spread the word.

We need you! Can your organization or agency offer space to host a trauma-informed approach training?

Email us to become a host

Host a training

We will hold trauma-informed approach trainings around Washington from July through September, 2019. Trainings are organized and facilitated by En Route Coaching and Training Services, LLC.

In order to provide the most trainings possible, we would like to partner with organizations to host those trainings. We are looking for facility space for 20 or more people and large venues for the community wide trainings.

Who can host trainings?

We seek the following types of organizations as hosts: 

  • Behavioral health agencies (defined for this project as: those involved in prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery supports for substance use, as well as the types of mental health services provided in community mental health centers)
  • Other community organizations with a nexus to behavioral health in partnership with a behavioral health agency

How can community organizations partner with a behavioral health agency?

To partner:

  • Both organizations’ names should appear on all announcements.
  • People from both organizations must actively participating in the trainings.

Contact Dan Embree  (En Route Coaching and Training Services, LLC) if you need help connecting with a behavioral health agency in your community.


To host a training or find a local behavioral health partner
 Dan Embree (En Route Coaching and Training Services, LLC)

For questions or to share your thoughts