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Plan for improving population health

The Plan for Improving Population Health is an avenue to ensure the Healthier Washington initiative addresses prevention, health equity and the social determinants of health, such as housing, education, and employment.

Ready to help promote population health?

Visit the Planning Guide website.

What is the plan for improving population health?

The Plan for Improving Population Health, a key product of the Healthier Washington initiative, is a set of strategies, data and resources to help promote population health initiatives in Washington State. These resources are housed on a website called the Population Health Planning Guide and provides a structured process for improving population health as a state, while allowing flexibility for the unique needs and resources of local communities.

How is the Planning Guide be used?

The Planning Guide can be used by anyone. The website includes key elements of a population health approach such as needs assessments, strategic alignment, sustainability planning and more—all of which may be applied to any health issue.

Planning Guide resources:

How will the Plan benefit my community?

​Communities are able to take virtually any health priority and:

  • Assess​​
  • Engage
  • Measure impact
  • Quantify return on investment
  • Apply the latest evidence.

As a result, they will achieve improvements in population health that lead to lower costs and greater quality of life - building a strong case for ongoing investment in population health initiatives.