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Initiative 3: supportive housing and supported employment

Initiative 3, or the Foundational Community Supports program, creates two new targeted benefits that include services that help our most vulnerable beneficiaries get and keep stable housing and employment, in support of their broader health needs.

What services are included?

Supportive Housing

Services that help individuals get and keep community housing, including:

  • Community Transition Services (CTS): One-time supports that help individuals access housing when they would otherwise reside in an institution.
  • Community Support Services (CSS): Wrap-around supports that assess housing needs, identify appropriate resources, and develop the independent living skills necessary to remain in stable housing.

Supportive housing does not pay for rent or other room and board related costs.

Supported Employment

Services that help individuals with barriers to employment get and keep a job, including:

  • Employment assessments.
  • Assistance with applications, community resources and employer outreach.
  • Education, training and coaching necessary to maintain employment.

Supported employment does not pay for wages or wage enhancements.