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Initiative 1: transformation through ACHs

Initiative 1 will build incentives for providers who are committed to changing how we deliver care. Each region, through its Accountable Community of Health (ACH), will be able to pursue projects aimed at transforming the Medicaid delivery system to serve the whole person and use resources more wisely.



What regional goals will the transformation projects be part of?

Each region, through its ACH, will be able to pursue transformation projects aimed at:

  • Health systems capacity building—workforce development; system infrastructure technology and tools; and system supports to assist providers in adopting value-based purchasing and payment.
  • Care delivery redesign—integrated delivery of physical and behavioral health services; care focused on specific populations; alignment of care coordination and case management to serve the whole person; and outreach, engagement, and recovery supports.
  • Prevention and health promotion—prevention activities for targeted populations and regions.

Transformation projects will also focus on increased use of value-based payment (VBP) models that reward providers for quality of care—whole-person care, appropriate care coordination, and improved health outcomes—rather than the volume of services and procedures provided.

The project ideas that informed development of the framework for transformation projects are posted below.

What is the project toolkit?

The toolkit provides details about the projects that will be eligible for funding under Initiative 1 of the Medicaid Transformation demonstration. These projects will help transform the Medicaid delivery system to serve the whole person and use resources more wisely. The project toolkit was developed with state and regional health priorities in mind.

Project idea submissions