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How we work

Healthier Washington is a multisector partnership to transform the health system to achieve better population health, reward high-quality care, and curb health care costs. It represents patients, providers, payers, purchasers, community advocates, and others working together, supporting best practices, and using data to improve people’s lives. We do this by focusing on initiatives that advance whole-person health, focus on paying for value rather than volume, and taking a community-centered approach to care.

Funding streams

Healthier Washington operations are centralized through the HCA, the Department of Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services. Healthier Washington leverages federal funds and state resources to lay the foundation for sustainable health system transformation, including:

Governance structure

Healthier Washington depends on public and private organizations working together to transform health delivery systems by:

  • Leveraging state financing and incentives within state systems
  • Using common performance measures
  • Using tools to support provider and community transformation

Organizational framework

Our organizational chart.

Governor Jay Inslee

Agency partners:

  • Chair: Lou McDermott, HCA Acting Director
  • Bill Moss, Department of Social and Health Services Secretary
  • John Wiesman, Department of Health Secretary
Bonnie Wennerstrom, Healthier Washington Connector
  • Amy Blondin (HCA)
  • Danielle Cruver (OFM)
  • Charissa Fotinos, MD (HCA)
  • MaryAnne Lindeblad (HCA)
  • Kathy Lofy, MD (DOH)
  • ​Susan Lucas (HCA)
  • Dave Iseminger (HCA)
  • Rich Pannkuk (OFM)
  • Carla Reyes (DSHS)
  • Chris Imhoff (DSHS)
  • Jason McGill (GOV)
  • Bea Rector (DSHS)
  • Kennedy Soileau, Communications Manager
  • Chase Napier, Community Transformation Manager
  • David Mancuso, Research & Data Analysis Director
  • Doug Conrad, Evaluation Staff
  • Mary Beth Brown, Hub Director
  • Bonnie Wennerstrom, HW Connector
  • ​Mark Provence, Medicaid Transformation Manager
  • Rachel Quinn, P3 Special Assistant for Policy and Programs
  • Laura Pennington, Practice Transformation Manager
  • Analytics, Research and Measurement
  • Community Empowerment and Accountability
  • Payment Redesign
  • Practice Transformation Support
  • Project Management