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Governance structure

Healthier Washington depends on public and private organizations working together to transform health delivery systems by:

  • Leveraging state financing and incentives within state systems
  • Using common performance measures
  • Using tools to support provider and community transformation

Organizational framework

Our organizational chart.

Governor Jay Inslee

Agency partners:

  • Chair: Dorothy Teeter, Health Care Authority Director
  • Co-chair: Bob Crittenden, Governor's Office Special Assistant for Health Reform
  • Andi Smith, Governor's Office Senior Policy Advisor
  • Patricia Lashway, Department of Social and Health Services Secretary
  • John Wiesman, Department of Health Secretary
Nathan Johnson, Chief Policy Officer (HCA)
  • Amy Blondin (HCA)
  • Danielle Cruver (OFM)
  • Charissa Fotinos, MD (HCA)
  • Thuy Hua-Ly (HCA)
  • Dan Lessler, MD (HCA)
  • MaryAnne Lindeblad (HCA)
  • Kathy Lofy, MD (DOH)
  • ​Susan Lucas (HCA)
  • Lou McDermott (HCA)
  • Bill Moss (DSHS)
  • Rich Pannkuk (OFM)
  • Carla Reyes (DSHS)
  • Chris Imhoff (DSHS)
  • Jason McGill (GOV)
  • Kirsta Glenn, ​AIM Director
  • Victor Andino, Communications Consultant
  • Chase Napier, Community Transformation Manager
  • David Mancuso, Research & Data Analysis Director
  • Maria Courogen, DOH Connector
  • Melena Thompson, DSHS Div. Behavioral Health & Recovery Office Chief
  • Doug Conrad, Evaluation Staff
  • Mary Beth Brown, Hub Director
  • Bonnie Wennerstrom, HW Connector
  • Laura Zaichkin, HW Deputy Coordinator
  • ​Mark Provence, Medicaid Transformation Manager
  • Marilyn Dold, Plan for Improving Population Health
  • Alyson Chase, Operations Manager
  • Rachel Quinn, P3 Special Assistant for Policy and Programs
  • Laura Pennington, Practice Transformation Manager
  • Analytics, Interoperability and Measurement
  • Community Empowerment and Accountability
  • Payment Redesign
  • Practice Transformation Support
  • Project Management